Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elizabeth Warren is the right person to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

In the early of Air America Radio, a regular guest on the Al Franken Show was a little known Harvard Law School professor who seemed to understand better than anyone I'd ever heard the dire threats to the security of the middle class in Post-Reagan America. That professor is now at the center of hot debate over the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She is of course Elizabeth Warren.

The fact that Wall Street, the US Chamber of Commerce, and some of the more wonkish players in the Obama Administration are seeking to block her nomination is reason enough to support her.

But as Paul Krugman says in a recent blog post, there are plenty of other reasons. First there's the fact that she essentially built the thing. Second is the fact that it would send a good message to citizens, consumers, and business. Third is as opposed to what her critics say, she really gets it.

I encourage you to check out her own thoughts on the subject. Then make up your own mind.

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